These are our standard rates. We provide custom quotes for every project, so let us know your needs and we'll put together a custom package. Hour estimates are based on rough averages. We discuss all projects at length with our clients and actual billed hours will be determined by hours used.

  • Recording
  • $50/hr
  • 5 hrs/song
  • In studio or on-site.
  • 2 simultaneous singers
  • All required equipment
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  • Editing
  • $35/hr
  • 6-8 hrs/song
  • Rhythmic alignment
  • Intonation correction
  • Looping and perc sequencing
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  • Mixing
  • $75/hr
  • 3-5 hrs/song
  • EQ and compression
  • Balance and automation
  • Spacial and creative effects
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  • Mastering
  • $50/track
  • Discount for EP or album
  • Global EQ matching
  • Final compression and limiting
  • Volume optimization
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  • Live Sound
  • From $750
  • All required equipment
  • Area mic or all wireless
  • Additional cost for travel
  • Setup, engineer and breakdown
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Rates above are for album production and live sound. Contact the team for pricing regarding our other services.

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