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A Look into L5

Liquid 5th specializes in a cappella recording, album production, arranging, and live sound. Combining state-of-the-art equipment with years of experience in recorded and live a cappella, we work with each and every group to deliver the results you need, want, and expect.

Our Services


Whether at our world-class studio or on-site at your location, striving for excellence from the beginning sets the stage for the rest of your project: great albums start with great source material! Our recording engineers are among the best vocal coaches in the industry who know how to help your singers perform their best in the studio. We will capture and enhance your vision to set up the best possible final product.


Liquid 5th’s expert editing team understands the subtle nuances of preparing a track for mixing: lining up entrances, cut-offs, and rhythms, as well as addressing any tuning discrepancies. In many ways it’s the objective part of the process: making sure everything is “correct”. But we take great care in ensuring that this correctness still captures the subtle art of your group’s voice. Our editing process guarantees that we can get the most out of the final product.

Live Sound

L5 has been in the industry leader in live sound for over a decade. We have worked with the likes of Pentatonix, Varsity Vocals, CASA, or Betsy AF, along with hundreds of college, high school, and professional groups. A cappella concerts are too often plagued with the same problems: buried solos, lackluster vocal percussion, rampant feedback, and sound technicians who aren’t really sure what to do with the unique vocal material. Your live performance sets the tone for how the public experiences your group. If your live sound is making it hard for your audience to enjoy your music, people are less likely to come back and see future performances and buy CDs.

We use a 5000 watt sound system for each show. With its twin 18” subwoofers and a 32-channel digital mixing console, it has the power and flexibility to turn any group’s concert into a spectacle of professionalism!

Upon request, we can also record your show, after which we can deliver you the raw stems and/or post produce the tracks for you.

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